Sunnylife 60m Waterproof Protective Case Underwater Housing Case Diving Filter Floating Bar for GoPro Hero 8 Black Sports Camera

Item No.: GO-Q9259
- Sunnylife waterproof case for GoPro Hero 8 Black
- Deep waterproof 60 meters. Anti-pressure, protective and impermeable
- Using together with Sunnylife diving filter and floating bar. Excellent underwater shooting accessories.
(- The waterproof case is equipped with a gift adapter base and screw)
Combo 1: Waterproof Case
Combo 2: Waterproof Case + Diving Filter(3pcs)
Combo 3: Waterproof Case + Diving Filter(3pcs) + Floating Bar
Note: Please perform a waterproof test before using.
Test method:
Put a dry paper towel in the waterproof case, completely seal the waterproof case, completely sink the waterproof case into the water, press a certain weight of the item to avoid floating, and pick it up after 30-60 minutes. Wipe the outside before opening the waterproof case, take out the paper towel to check, if the paper towel is soaked, please do not use this product, and contact customer service.


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